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What happens between pick up and delivery?.

We personally deliver every item that we pick up.

With a fleet of dedicated vehicles, we can fulfill your delivery needs, ensuring that your products arrive on time and in good condition.

Our Warehouse and Logistics team manages and controls the movement of items in our warehouse through an automated ticket logging system. This system allows you to create and update information that can be used in real-time for planning and executing your deliveries.

Our end-to-end delivery mechanism takes care of the entire process – pick and pack, allocate, communicate, and deliver your products – all in one location.


Between the point of departure and destination

We work with companies of all sizes

Is your business large or small? It makes no difference to us; our clientele range from small businesses distributing 10 orders per week to large corporations processing hundreds of orders every week. Many of our largest clients started out small. We’re delighted to have contributed to their success, and we’d want to be a part of yours as well.

Experience a hassle free,  straight forward, and better-priced delivery from Garuda Carriers.

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We ensure an integrated supply chain management system by utilize facilities, warehouse management, and team expertise.

Door to Door

We will pick up your freight today and deliver it the next day. No additional storage and freight forwarding costs!.


We are open six days a week and can meet standard express, and weekend delivery requests.

Timely & Convenient

Customers will be contacted to organise delivery dates and times so you can plan your day

Garuda is your trusted business partner

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